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Aims and objectives


Sunderland Care and Support has a vision with clear goals:

  • Create a customer focused and driven culture - we will listen to our customers and offer genuine choice tailored to their individual needs. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We will put people first
  • Quality services - we will provide high quality innovative services that improve the lives of people we serve
  • Respect - we respect equality, diversity, and the beliefs and dignity of all of our customers and employees 
  • Transparency and integrity - we will inspire confidence and trust by operating an open, accountable and transparent culture across all levels of the company
  • Create a skilled and passionate workforce - we will recruit, develop, motivate and communicate with our employees and support them with the appropriate training and competencies to do the right thing, every time
  • Continuous development - built on trust and empowerment with greater transparency to help the organisation learn and improve. Everyone will know what we want to achieve and how they contribute to the things that really matter
  • Enjoyable and rewarding - we place emphasis on employee satisfaction and will create an environment which offers opportunity for personal and professional growth